My name’s Mark Johnson. I’m the creator & developer of roguelike/strategy game ‘Ultima Ratio Regum’ and a PhD student at the University of York.

Ultima Ratio Regum is a roguelike-ish game intended to be an (almost entirely) realistic history generator, and a cross between strategy/4x games and roguelikes, in the early stages of development. It is written in Python. Alpha 0.5.0 is the latest version - 0.6 is planned for mid-2014. Its narrative is inspired by the works of Neal Stephenson, Jorge Borges and Umberto Eco, and its gameplay by Civilization, Europa Universalis, Dwarf Fortress and Dark Souls. I have been developing it for over three years, and anticipate that at least a good decade remains until I’m happy with it.

Due to the time pressures of completing a doctorate, publishing papers, and developing the game, URR development oscillates much like a sine wave from months of serious development to months of relative downtime. This cannot be helped, but I try to keep people updated on the current state of affairs even when I am focusing on my academic life. These pauses should never be taken to indicate a lack of interest in the project on my part, but simply the cruel reality of juggling rather a lot of projects. If you have any questions, comments, bugs, compliments or insults, I can be emailed at mark at this domain. Ultima Ratio Regum can be found on Facebook, Twitter at UltimaRegum, on Roguebasin and IndieDB, and has been reported on in a number of gaming news outlets.

I also occasionally stream coding/playtesting of URR, and various other old/indie/roguelike games at http://www.twitch.tv/maasbiolabs, and I’m probably (mostly by accident) the world’s leading collector of classic Command & Conquer merchandise/memorabilia.

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