April Screenshots

Firstly, a note on font size. The font I use in all my screenshots is 12×12. I intend to include support for 8×8, 10×10, 12×12 and 14×14 in the initial release, and later add the ability to change resolution. At the moment, you have to choose the font size that allows everything to fit on your screen, but I do intend to allow you to shrink the window. However, a) that won’t be for some time, and b) since I assume most people have reasonably high-res screens these days, I’m sure you’ll be able to fit it all on.

Now, three new screenshots. As ever, click to see full size. The secret project alluded to on Twitter & Facebook will wait until next week, but now, here are some tangible results of the past week’s efforts:

1) New world map. As you move around (or as you move your crosshair around to examine explored land) it tells you generated information about that square in terms of terrain, and in terms of the construction and territory (when these are implemented). You can see an example of the terrain text below; for construction text it might say “This area contains the city of X, the capital of Y, and lies in territory firmly controlled by Z”, or “This area contains a shrine to god X, and is in the territory controlled by Y”, and so on. Of course, much of the territory will be unknown, but that is simply turned off for play-testing…

2) New attacking screen. The limbs your foe has are listed on the left, followed by how damaged each one is, followed by whether or not they are armored, and then finally by whether or not they are in range (tall creatures, for instance, will have their heads too high up for you to reach). You scroll up and down, your chosen limb is selected in white, then you attack. Some attack messages shown below.

3) The ‘look’ function. Changed since last shown to be streamlined significantly, to use word-wrap across lines, and to have a scrollbar appear if needed. This functions by giving you a crosshair to move around the screen, and upon a selection, lists all items, creatures and terrain features by listing them on the right (support for terrain features currently being worked on). Here’s an example of a creature look-up, on myself, post-battle, with some fairly serious injuries (yes, I know ‘copper’ and ‘injured’ are the same color; that will change):

The rest of this week’s work has been on general combat mechanics, and that’s going to continue into the coming week, which will include finishing the early stages of the secret project (which I am making out to be far more than it is, so don’t get your hopes up) next week. Final note: most test characters are female dwarves, since ‘female’ and ‘dwarf’ comes up first alphabetically on each menu. I have no grudge against female dwarves. Even if I do generally throw them into a volcano once I’m done testing.

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3 thoughts on “April Screenshots

  1. must… resist… meme!
    I bet in the last picture, he took an arrow to the knee.
    oh god!

    anyways, shaping up well. I mean, the screen for the damage to body parts looks very friendly, and the fact you can’t tell what’s happened to it down to the exact details is good, so you can’t tell if your leg has had an artery severed, or if it’s just got a compound fracture or simply been slashed a load.

  2. @ Ebyan – Thanks! It seems to work well thus far, but I haven’t tested it properly in a large battle. I can’t think of a speedier way to list targets, and you can zoom through it pretty quickly. Still; playtesting awaits.

    @ Greatorder – ha HA! Actually, it was a flail, but a flail to the knee is more deadly than an arrow to the knee. Fact. Thanks; I thought that much detail wasn’t needed, and this gets the important info across as each part of the body does have an actual effect to damage.

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