Size and roguelikes

Just a quick entry this week. I’ve been coding every day this week (apart from one where Dead Space 2 interposed itself) and a ton of work has been done, including more combat mechanics, severing limbs, armor and weapons being tethered to limbs correctly, displaying all possible combat messages, creature queries displaying more injury detail, species pages on creature queries, pathfinding, and starting a new ‘class’ of enemy.

This class is for enemies that are larger than just a single square. Originally I was intending to stick with the roguelike norm – any creature, whether a Titan or a gnat, takes up just one square on the map. Increasingly, however, I thought this was a terrible idea, so I’ve decided to allow some creatures to be larger. Some creatures can be two squares (e.g. ‘Q’ is the symbol for large quadrupeds, so an elephant may be ‘QQ’), some creatures can be four squares, some nine, one creature can be a long sequence of letters (which will be unveiled far, far in the future) while another species is totally unique (and equally far off). The only one of these to make it into the first alpha will be dragons, and so I leave you with a screenshot of a dragon attempting to fry me. The fire is in its early stages and needs a lot more work; as for four-square-creature pathfinding, large creatures normally have the ability to knock aside trees, and may (depending on strength and other factors) be able to break through walls and similar.

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10 thoughts on “Size and roguelikes

  1. I would just like to say, you are an awesome human being. Also good idea on the multi-tile enemies, single-tiles for huge enemies just gives no sense of scale.

    Not trying to make an unwelcome suggestion here, but a massive titan whom you can only see the feet of, as two sets of 4 blocks that move like feet, would be awesome. Just saiyan.

  2. “Originally I was intending to stick with the roguelike norm – any creature, whether a Titan or a gnat, takes up just one square on the map. Increasingly, however, I thought this was a terrible idea”

    I was going to suggest having creature sizes exactly like this but I thought it may be a bit too much to ask. It seems there is no “too much” in your book!

    Creatures should have sizes in y-axis and x-axis both. It should be difficult to stab a titan in the head without climbing to a higher ground or to the titan itself. If you try to attack a titan while being on the ground, only legs should show up ‘attackable’ in the attacking position screen. If you are an archer or a thrower, you could always aim for the head.

  3. I really cannot wait for this games beta to come out, been checking this page everyday since I found it on the Dwarf Fortress forums. Your making great progress, have great ideas, and will with no doubts have a great game here. =D

  4. @ Limbless – well, thank you very much : ). That was my thinking exactly, and scale is important (and allowing more creatures to crowd around attacking a larger one). That’s a great idea! I will have to think whether I could make it work – don’t be disappointed if it DOESN’T appear, but if it does, I will credit you.

    @ Slartie – yeeeeeeeeees!

    @ Leatra – ha, you are exactly right – there really is no ‘too much’. Oh yes – tall creatures cannot have their higher parts attacked unless you are higher, are wielding a long weapon, or preferably both. You read my mind; currently it is indeed only legs that show up for ground attacks on a titan. And as you say, you’ll be able to ‘aim’ higher with projectiles, but again, starting off higher would still help.

    @ Derkit – thanks a ton! Hopefully not TOO much longer to wait now…

    @ Smurph – cheers! Again, see above statement re: release : )

  5. Will magic users be able to create/summon giant creatures relating to their abilities? Assuming they live long enough to get that good, that is.

  6. This game’s gonna be amazing. Please continue the good work, it’s people like you that’s being inspiring me to learn a programming language and try to create something! 🙂

  7. @ ndogz – thanks : ) – hopefully more entries/screenshots will keep you going until then, but the summer first alpha release is still looking achievable.

    @ Koliup – what kind of creatures? Elementals and things like that? They will be able to summon classes of creatures, but I’m not sure about the specifics yet.

    @ Paolo – wow, cheers! That’s genuinely really great to hear. I hadn’t touched a line of code until a year ago, so it can be done.

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