0.2.1 Released!

Just a quick entry today to say that version 0.2.1 has been released – it contains the resources map; fixes to all (I think) the bugs people identified; the ability to export the maps you create (‘X’), and a few other small features. This will be the last release until 0.2.2, if I do make an intermediate release between this and 0.3.x, or if not, then it is the last release before 0.3.x. Of course, on the off-chance I have introduced some game-breaking bug I haven’t spotted, I’ll fix that, but otherwise I hope you enjoy creating planets, worlds, and wandering around them. Blog entries will now roughly alternative between weekly and fortnightly depending on how busy I am with academic work, but will (as ever) return to weekly as we get closer to the next release.

Enjoy: http://www.ultimaratioregum.co.uk/game/downloads/

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6 thoughts on “0.2.1 Released!

  1. Cool!

    Sorry for you but I got a bug 😀
    I created a new world and was wandering in the forest at night and crash:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 84394, in
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 78253, in place_menu
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 23941, in planet_gen
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 15893, in world_menu
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 78350, in place_menu
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 14422, in world_browser
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 2159, in civilization_choice
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 16629, in character_creation_1
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 16169, in character_creation_2
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 18932, in skills
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 16159, in character_creation_3
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 76605, in new_new_game
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 77593, in new_play_game
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 73488, in keypresses
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 70976, in player_action
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 28224, in move
    File “URR0-2-1.py”, line 485, in chunkscreen
    UnboundLocalError: local variable ‘key’ referenced before assignment

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