June Progress II

The last week  has seen more coding than much of the last month – having lacked the internet for the past week, very little else has been done aside from it. As ever, the release is a mix of things I’m making public before-hand and a few secrets I want people to find, but here the updates I can share. I’m aiming for release probably around late July at the moment, but it might get pushed into early August. The first half of July is almost entirely full with academic work, so we’ll just have to see how it goes. I’ll be doing a lot of playtesting towards the end of June once I have a pretty stable build, but ziggurats are looking all but finished.

Puzzles are 100% finished. There are five “levels”, finishing off with “boss” level puzzles. Even when I know how to solve the puzzles, they still take me some thought. Playtesting it with people who don’t know how they are generated under the hood have found them so far genuinely challenging and really interesting to solve, so I have high hopes. They include a vast quantity of procedural art (something like 200+ images?) and over 300 possible puzzle permutations, and that’s not even counting the clues. You’ll have to play A Lot if you want to see even a small percentage of these things.

Ziggurats are 99% finished. They generate the entire buildings, all puzzles generate (as above), the structures inside and outside match up, dungeons are three-dimensional, which is to say staircases lead directly up and down, not to random points on the floor above, and some areas can only be accessed from floors above or below. It makes for a really interesting structure to explore, and it’ll be all the better in the future once a greater variety of rooms exist. Special ziggurats also have secrets atop them, whilst by the end of tomorrow other ziggurats will have clues pointing you towards the special ziggurats if you’ve taken the wrong one. In the future these will be treasure rooms etc. Lastly, as well as “Look-up” graphics for blocks, I’m adding ones for doors, iron gates, and a few other things. They look pretty cool.

A basic inventory system is now in place. This is not what it will look like in the future, but suffices for the time being to deal with the few items now in the game. It won’t be redone for the release after this (probably), but certainly will once a decent number of items actually enter the game.

Next update will be next Monday, and since I now have internet at my new place, they should be regular until release (I know I keep saying this, and failing to keep to it, but I’ll try). By this time next week, ziggurats should be totally finished and I should be onto bug fixing and optimizations. I’ve had a very crazy idea for hugely reducing save/load times I need to try out, amongst other things.

As a final note, I’ve taken to streaming games on Twitch. At the moment I’m doing a Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup extended endgame run, but I might stream coding and playtesting or similar in the future if people are interested, and it could be a cool way to just chat with you guys! Let me know what you think, and see you next week (or on a stream). My account is http://www.twitch.tv/maasbiolabs, and I’ll probably be streaming some DCSS half an hour after this blog entry goes up…

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5 thoughts on “June Progress II

  1. Can’t wait for the new release! Will you consider releasing your source code at some point?

    And yay for another DCSS streamer, make sure to set your ‘game’ field in the streaming options so that you’re easier to find.


    • He said on multiple occasions that he’s against modding, since (I believe) he’s made a mumbo jumbo of his code for only him to understand. However (I believe) he also said that if someone managed to “crack” it open and mod it, he won’t do anything against it.

      Another request for your twitch, please name your broadcasts. So far all the untitled ones are DCSS, but in the future when you’ll do multiple things, it’ll be quite the hassle to go through them for your viewers to find whatever they’re looking for(if you care about them, of course).

      And my final request, if possible to have multiple background choices for the site. Almost entirely white is quite the killer, when trying to read at peculiar times.

      Can’t wait to get a try on them ziggurats. Hope they won’t churn my brain too hard. Regarding puzzle difficulties, will they be hard enough to make players search for hints on sites(for cowards!)?

  2. Re: modding/source, my stance is that I actively do not want the game modded, or cracked, or anything else. I want it to remain much like ADOM, particularly because a lot of the game (in the future) will be focused around puzzles, secrets and the like. Also, the game is made – partly on purpose, partly due to my early coding mistakes – in a way that would made it very hard to mod. Everything is very “hand-made”. If someone DOES crack it and DOES figure everything out, that’s pretty impressive, but I’d be pretty annoyed.

    Re: puzzles, I’m afraid you won’t be able to look them up, as such, since they’re all procedurally generated. I estimate something in the range of several million possibilities across all the difficulties. A small part of the puzzles will be appropriate for a guide, i.e. the riddle segments, but solving the “orientation” segments (you’ll see what this means) will be impossible to solve with a guide. Same goes for all other dungeons in the future : ), most of which won’t have any segments you can look up, besides the “mechanics” of the puzzles. The solving is always going to be up to you. With that said, once there is enough gameplay in the game that someone feels moved to create a wiki, I shall be very interested to see what goes on it. But I’m sure that point is a way off yet!

    Re: twitch, thanks for the suggestions. I have put on the game title and named the broadcasts. As for background choices, I can’t promise anything, but I’ll give it a look. It’s weird since I mostly do academic work and coding white-text-on-black, yet my website is like this. Hmm. If I can find an easy way to offer two possibilities which doesn’t require me to re-learn too much wordpress, I’ll happily do it.

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