Slums and Keys

Where last week’s update was focused squarely on graveyards, this week we have a variety of new things. Firstly, I’ve begun work on slums. Some cities will have a single slum tile next to one of their walls (just as some cities will have a large dedicated graveyard in addition to any smaller ones within the city limits) which will contain a huge number of small buildings jammed into a single map grid. Whilst the cities may contain “lower-class housing”, this will be one step “below” even that – those the city does not officially acknowledge, or those who are not even affluent enough to move within the walls. In the picture below you can see an early version of a generated slum. Do please note, however, that there are a) currently no doors to the buildings and b) there will soon be part of the city wall at the top of the image to which the slum will connect. However, from the image below I’m sure you can get an idea of how slums are eventually going to look. It should be impossible for an area of the slum to generate in a “closed off” manner (I think) and some areas are slightly more sparsely populated with buildings than others. The area inside the slum is generally soil – all vestiges of plant life having been long-since trampled down – whilst there are sometimes a few small fragments of roads. As many buildings are connected I’ve had them vary in shade a little in order to make it a lot simpler to distinguish where one building ends and another starts (though obviously doors will help in this!).


I also did a little bit of work on generating keys. Although these will only be relevant from 0.7 onwards once I start to generate building interiors, I’ve been starting to implement small bits of the relevant infrastructure for it up-front. The inventory has changed to have a “Keys” section, for example, and I decided to work one day on generating keys. As with almost every other item the images for keys are procedurally generated, so each key should be unique. There are four “tiers” of keys – unique keys which will have their one special graphics (which I haven’t shown here) and then three levels of keys for all other buildings in the game. The top category of keys are for buildings in city centres, in castles, and other places of wealth and influence; the second category are the “middle-class” keys for buildings you’d find in markets, some parts of docks, medical districts, maybe military districts too; the last row are keys for lower-class housing, slums, many parts of recreational districts, and the like.¬†All three tiers of key shown here have their own sets of possible handle designs (though the top/middle share one or two and the middle/bottom share one or two), while the top keys have their own unique set of “bits” (as the part of the keys that go into locks are apparently called!) and the middle/bottom keys share a larger set of possible bits. Lastly each set has its own possible colour schemes which will give you an immediate hint about the purpose and value of any key you should happen to find.

Keys Gromit

Now I must depart, for I have a flight to catch for the Roguelike Developers Conference; I’ll upload my slides (though they are lacking in text!) once I return. By next week I should have finished up graves and graveyards since they still need some religion-related graves, full integration with the in-game histories, and a few other tweaks (such as making sure trees cannot obscure the entrances, adding a few more entrances, etc) and have hopefully moved onto another aspect of 0.6. I think there’s a good chance I’m going to start working on hunter-gatherer settlements next, both generating the settlements (with another new algorithm) and working on the appropriate textures and graphics to display structures made of stone, wood, bone, etc. See you all then!

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  1. With every update, I’m amazed at the level of detail. Those keys look especially great. Enjoy the Conference!

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