URR 0.7 Released!

After a mere four months of development, I am proud to announce the release of Ultima Ratio Regum 0.7! This release procedurally generates the interiors of every single building in the world – from cathedrals and mansions to slum housing and shops, and everything in-between – and the graphics for a vast range of items and features within those, ranging from ordinary chairs and tables to rare altars and underground sarcophagi. You can download it here, and read more detail about the release notes below.

This is the last worldbuilding release! From this point onwards I’ll be pushing onto gameplay, starting with NPCs in 0.8. This release now establishes URR as one of the most detailed procedural worlds ever rendered – and one unparalleled in procedural cultural, aesthetic and religious detail – and marks the end of generating the immense world over which the player’s “quest” will play out.


– All buildings now have procedurally-generated interiors, where every single building has its own algorithms, archetypes, and items on the inside. This means everything, from cathedrals to slums, can now be fully explored, and in many cases span over many floors.

– All features within these buildings are also procedurally generated, from the most lowly of chairs, tables and candlestands to the rarest of altars, reliquaries and sarcophagi. All of each are dependent on the cultural norms for each nation.

Full Changelog:

– Procedural generation of cathedrals and religious buildings, distinct for each religion but consist across iterations.
– Generation of religious altars, religious reliquaries, and incense holders.
– Crypts now generate beneath graveyards in monarchies, and underneath cathedrals in theocracies.
– City centers how have all interiors generated for embassies, courts, galleries,  mercenary guilds and mints.
– Generation of large family mansions in upper-class housing districts, for both dominant and “ascending” noble houses.
– Generation of middle-class housing and lower-class housing, as well as slum housing outside city walls.
– Taverns, arenas, jails and slave quarters spawn in lower-class districts in nations with the appropriate policies (taverns, however, are universal).
– Military hospitals, Officers’ Quarters, Stables, Barracks and Armouries can be explored in feudal military districts.
– Shops and warehouses can be explored in market districts, although they do of course currently lack any items!
– Banks spawn in middle-class districts.
– Parliamentary buildings spawn in city centers of democratic nations.
– Farmhouses can be explored in the farms outside cities and towns.
– All buildings in hunter-gatherer nations now generate – longhouses, chieftain huts, and general houses – although they remain currently sparse.
– In fortresses, the player can now explore barracks, housing, and most importantly the oasis-like citadels at their centers.
– Altars for all religions now generate, aesthetically varied according to the archetypes and beliefs of each religion.
– Cathedrals and lesser religious buildings contain procedurally-generated reliquaries, incense holders, ornate vases, and much more, each distinct to a given religion.
– Everyday items like chairs, tables and beds also generate, with shapes and wood types distinct to each nation.
– Several buildings now contain candle stands which offer external sources of lighting that can be seen, even if the tiles between you and them cannot.
– Crypts are filled with sarcophagi, each with a unique generated image, within which is buried a figure from the world’s history.
– Save files are no longer in a single monolithic file, but now spread out so that no matter how many map grids may have been generated in a given playthrough, saving/loading speed never slows down.
– Various bug fixes, improvements, optimizations, etc, and a whole host of under-the-hood things implemented in preparation for 0.8.

I’m now working on 0.8 – the introduction of NPCs, conversations, face generation, clothing, the works – with an approximate target of four/five months from now, give or take. To finish off, here are some nice illustrative screenshots of 0.7 as it currently stands. Enjoy!

Tomb2Parl1Cryptorrr massive low 2 GerngDesert Crypt KingofspireCathedral

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58 thoughts on “URR 0.7 Released!

  1. The amount of generation just blows my mind. I particularly like that even chairs have their own style. Also saving is much faster now, so that is excellent, I have no idea how you did it though!

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  3. OH YEAH !
    I have been reallllllly waiting for it (you know it I guess…), I think I will be mind-blown as 0.6 did when you realeased it !

    It goes right into the Roguelike Bundle of my forum, to share it with the french RL players (roguelike.fr if you’re interested to see). Yeah, you got some fans there too.

  4. Absolutely.
    _____ __ ____ ____ _ ____ _ _ __
    / ____| | | / ___ \ | _ \ | | / __ \ | | | | / |
    | | __ | | | / \ | | |_| | | | | / \ | | | | | / /
    | | |_ | | | | | | | | ^ / | | | | | | | | | | \ \
    | | | | | | | | | | | / \ \ | | | | | | | | | | / /
    \ \__/ / | | | \__/ | | | \ \ | | | \__/ | | \__/ | __/ /
    \____/ |_| \____/ |_| \_\ |_| \_____/ \____/ |__/

  5. Can you explore more than one floor at this point? If so, what’s the key I use? I’ve tried pressing all the keyboard keys, and can’t help I’m missing something.

  6. So far it has been pretty awesome to walk around and explore, like always, I find your project is just spilling out everywhere with potential to be one of the greatest roguelikes of all time.

    I did run into a bug though, I was in a town, and wanted to enter a small house. Once I walked into the door, the game crashed, with a popup window. The game then saved. Upon reloading, a very similar error popped up. I can paste the log on facebook if you like.

    Once more thing I noticed, not bug related. None of the houses have any heat source/cooking device. Will there be more domestic objects added to flesh things out in the future?

    • Thanks for the feedback; that is excellent. Glad you’re enjoying the wander! And thanks for the confidence in URR’s future, too.

      Ah, interesting: yeah, please do post the log here/facebook/email me/whatever. It was a town? I’ll get wandering around towns and see if I can reproduce it. Good point re: heat/cooking: I’ve specifically excluded anything to do with food since I don’t intend to have food, or a food clock, or anything to do with food, so I didn’t want to blur the lines there (though I suppose I could accept cooking pots and stuff?); however, good point re: heat sources. Added it to the list for 0.8…

  7. With npc generation what are you planning with costumes and outfits? Will they be generated or be in a list of possibilities.

    • OH YES. All clothing styles will be PCG, and also the meaning of things on clothing (things like patterns, colours etc, so maybe one nation thinks red = strength, but another thinks red = blood and death, so different connotations and aesthetic styles)…

  8. I honestly can’t wait till this is completed. It already has an amazing base set up already, I mean I can’t think of anything of this level besides Dwarf Fortress (which is in itself an icon for these types of games). Once it is complete, I can see it being one of the greatest games of all time, easily.

    • This. Really. When NPC’s are in, this thing it’s going to be f*cking bananas. If I know something from a long time of following the project it’s that Mark NEVER disappoints.

      • Thanks guys for these awesome comments! They *really* made my day (and I’d be lying if I said that, in the long term, my ambitions were not that grand). Looking forward to starting to lay out the 0.8 plans on the blog in the coming weeks…

        • It’s not even an exaggeration. I don’t have that high an opinion of many games, even some AAA ones, but honestly, and I mean this, this game looks like it could be one of those genre-defining gems that shine out amongst there many lesser companions.

          • Well, I really appreciate it – if I’m there in a couple of years (and also at a stage where I can think of submitting to things like Indiecade, the IGF, etc), I’ll be very happy with how things have panned out!

  9. Congratulation on 0.7! Completion of the world-building portion is a huge achievement, especially on the heels of your PhD work. I’m really looking forward to where URR goes from here with NPCs and story.

    And thanks again for sharing the development of the game with us; it’s always interesting to read your dev blog and see what’s in the works.

    • Thanks! Yeah, it feels great to get both “done” at around the same time. Likewise, I’m really excited about getting going on NPCs – progress is going to be semi-slow for the first month, but then it’ll really pick up as we get into May (though I already have some of it to show off). You’re welcome! It’s great that people enjoy the blog as well as the game : ).

    • Thanks very much! That’s awesome. Let me know once you get it downloaded! I’ve identified and fixed a small number of very minor bugs, and I’ll upload the new version probably tomorrow (Tuesday) evening…

      • I had a minor crash exiting a building but I think it was my computer’s fault, because it didn’t happen again when repeating the process with the same house (I’ve visited a lot of houses after that and never happened).

        But wandering around cities I’ve found myself a bit annoyed by the short field of view (range of view?) of your character. It’s somewhat puzzling that you don’t know what’s 20 yards away from you, in a sunny day, in an open space. I fear finding myself “painting” the whole scenario to uncover a house, tree, city walls, whatever large thing that is perfectly visible but 30 steps from me.

        Don’t know if other players think the same, or you considered it but decided that way.

        • Hmmmm – can you give me as much info as possible on where the house was, was it lower class or middle class, or what?

          Anyway, as for field of view – yeah, it is much too small, and I intend to fix it in a later release, probably 0.8, but it needs a major optimization for the rending code first, which I just haven’t done yet. But rest assured, I intend to make this vastly better in the future, and it wasn’t designed that way!

          • It was a low class home (really small). But I can blame my computer entirely, by now. I’ve entered dozens of them and it never happened again.

            Glad to hear about the field of view.

            I’m still really amazed at the detail and quality of work.

          • Ah, well, that’s good – I’ll keep an eye on it though and try a few more lower-class houses myself (though I did fix one bug with them in 0.7.0b). And thanks!

  10. I’m glad you finally made it. Now the quality of the world really depends on how good you will implement the NPCs, which I think is the most important task to make a world dynamic and fun to play. I hope you will be able to simulate their behavior completely, throughout the game, and not doing it like dwarf fortress does with these mobile merchants. At first I got impressed when I saw them coming, but after I read about them in the wiki, I was disappointed, because they just spawn next to you by chance, regardless of where you are. Maybe you can figure out an efficient way of simulating the live of people, it might be possible to simulate larger crowds of people at the same time, or just simulate basic events every frame for some people at once only, so that you don’t run into performance problems. And don’t just spawn things randomly without background – that would be disappointing! 😉
    Keep up the good work.

    • Agreed: and no, I have no intention of doing anything like mobile merchants. In the coming weeks/months as I develop this release I’ll obviously be posting a lot about my plans for NPCs, their implementation, the technical saving/loading/managing sides of NPC data, etc etc. I… think I have come up with a good way to handle it and simulate a vast quantity of people (crowd mechanics are, indeed, part of it, as part of avoiding performance problems) – and ha, I will *never* spawn anything without background! That’s the very reason it has taken me “so long” to get to NPCs: NPCs cannot spawn until I know their religion, their nation, their culture, etc etc…

  11. Fantastic! Very nice work; and amazing you got both the PhD and release out in the same timeframe. Wow! Looking forward to diving in. 🙂

  12. “Hey, I wonder what became of URR since I played the 0.1 release for a few minutes…”
    *checks website*

  13. Too bad my english is so poor to express all my admiration for your work !

    It’s been so long i’m thinking computer games are on a rong way (except for some RLfamili exeptions) But it seem you just find the right one. Thanks for umanity 😉

    I’m verry honoured to assist of this long birth, thanks for your blog too !

  14. Whoah looks like I’m pretty late to the party…!!
    Wow I can wait to try this one out!
    But I do have a few questions if you don’t mind…

    >Can I throw chairs, candles, lanterns and other household stuffs to the enemies during indoor fight?

    >What level of realism will URR have? Yeah sorry this is just another ARMA vs Doom question all over again. I personally love games with more simulation on reality and less reliance on stats and numbers than games with fixed abstraction of rules and linear Diablo style progression with all of those ever increasing numbers everywhere. IMHO The latter is usually riddled with HP bloat, ungodly amount of trash mobs, annoying random combat encounters, and unrealistic stat difference between early equipments and the uber ones.

    That being said, I do believe URR will hit the sweet spot between those two approach just like Cataclysm DDA, Caves of Qud, and Fallout1+2 just to name a few. Though I do wish for more games to adopt more visceral and realistic combat like DF, URW, and Teudogar.

    Thank you soooo much and good luck!

    • > Heh, yes, I think that would be fun to add – some general item interaction in combat would be cool. Kicking over candle stands could potentially start fires, etc…

      > High realism, few stats and numbers; somewhere along the kinds of CDDA is about right, I think, with combat something like DF meets Dark Souls. Sort of.

      Thanks! And let me know what you think once you’ve had a wander around 0.7.

      • Whooa thank you for such an amazing answer!
        DS, Cata, and DF in one sentence! There’s no better answer than that.

        Beside its lore and atmosphere, DS risk vs reward mechanic is indeed damn cool.
        And DF combat is one of my favorite ever! The wound system and aiming attacks and all that.
        Now I can’t really wait for the combat Sir!

        I’ve also been wandering for a couple of hours and everything is perfect smooth.

        Thank you, you really make my day, and please just let me giggling maniacally for a moment. 🙂

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  16. How do I download this? When I click on the “download” link it sends me to a page full of strange symbols. I was thinking that that’s because the browser is trying to display a .exe or .zip as ASCII, but which is the download supposed to be? Thanks! Really want to try this game out.

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