Lots of bug purging

First, before anything else, I received some incredibly exciting news in my email inbox this week about the Secret Project I’ve mentioned a few times. Once the contract is actually signed – a phrase that itself perhaps gives a few hints – I’ll post what’s actually happening, but I’m very confident in saying it’ll be to the interest of every single URR follower. I’m hugely excited – it’s my first step into a very exciting and important area of my professional life as both a games academic and a game designer and I can’t wait to start talking about it! More soon.

Now, onto this weeks’ update. This week I’ve continued the great bug purge and I’ve dealt with a massive volume of bugs, even with most of Saturday and Sunday being lost to other commitments. At this point I’ve got through a good 70% of the bugs that have accumulated in the last few months (although new ones begin to bubble up from my quagmire of code), so by the end of the next fortnight I would expect to have them all done along with castle generation, and I can hen finish off clothing generation and conclude pathfinding and AI scheduling behaviour. I’m still aiming to have all of this done by the end of December, which remains in the category of “difficult but not impossible”, so we’ll see how it goes. Here’s a complete list of issues resolved this week:

Bugs, Glitches, Improvements

  • Fixed a few minor errors with delegate generation in democratic nations and ensured they are always distributed correctly.
  • The basement vaults and the upper-floor delegate quarters in Mints that have delegates present are no longer mysteriously switched around.
  • Ensured that small officers’ quarters (spawning in military bases in towns) always generate correctly on the inside, and don’t sometimes appear devoid of all furniture.
  • All delegate houses can now be entered, and look distinct on the inside from standard middle-class housing (they have ornate flooring instead of wooden flooring)
  • A major issue where you could sometimes see through church walls has been fixed!
  • A minor issue with rivers in middle-class districts sometimes being smaller than they should be depending on the placement of district gates has been resolved.
  • Castle generation is now appropriately affected if a river goes through the district.
  • Sometimes closed doors were not opaque and sometimes open doors were; this has now been permanently fixed.
  • In lower-class districts buildings can only be placed either in areas without road tiles, or on standard rather than special road tiles, in order to prevent some weird AI behaviour when roads surrounding buildings meshed with special road tiles.
  • A minor issue in middle-class districts where special roads were given priority over standard roads (it would take a while to explain what this meant) at certain points, and was producing weird AI behaviour; again, as above, this is now resolved.
  • When you load the game, it no longer mysteriously advances one turn.
  • Religious symbols actually blend correctly on prayer mats instead of blending in a slightly peculiar way.
  • People who spawn in groups now actually have clothes…
  • Doors to delegate homes no longer glitch out weirdly.
  • Fixed a weird issue where mountains that spawn rivers could no longer spawn them correctly; I think this was a result of some under-the-hood changes to storing world data a little while back.
  • Fixed a weird issue with religious buildings that have additional corner branches instead of “side” branches, wherein they were not generating perfectly on the inside (this was a small error I suspect nobody else even spotted, but it was bothering me).
  • Fixed a bug where a few orientations of delegate housing in city centres spawned houses that were actually too small to correctly generate an interior!
  • Sorted out an issue where town walls in isolationist nations would sometimes stretch to the map edge and make it impossible to enter without leaving the map grid and then going back inside at the right “angle”.
  • Ensured that smaller middle-class houses have more room partitions on the inside and look rather less empty and bleak.
  • Dealt with a final remaining issue with middle-class houses where the interiors were, STILL, sometimes slightly too large.
  • Resolved the final few issues with Mints re: the number of guards that spawn inside them, thereby making sure there are never now too many guards or too few and spawned guards can always match up correctly with their abstract counterparts.

Next Time

This coming fortnight I’ll be handling all remaining accumulated bugs from the last ~6 months of development (that weren’t dealt with in the past fortnight) and finishing off castle generation. My expectation is that the update on the 12th/13th will be castle generation, then 19th/20th will be the final bugfixing/improvement entry, then 26th/27th will be clothing, and then 2nd/3rd of January should be the conclusion of all remaining pathfinding/scheduling developments. After that we’ll be moving towards the conversation system, which is beginning to take quite a solid form in my mind. See you all next week for, I hope, castle generation! It’s looking extremely impressive and I think you’ll all be very happy with how it looks. You’ll even be able to walk along the battlements (if you can find your way up there)!

Also next week will have pictures. Dozens of awesome procedurally-generated castle pictures.

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7 thoughts on “Lots of bug purging

  1. Already exited about the pictures. Top-side view of any sophisticated city desing always had a place in my heart, but if it’s also randomly generated I expect eyegasm…

    May be I’m over exaggerating this a little bit… Just the smallest bit…

    • P.S.: Yeah and GJ on removing those nasty bugs. Can’t imagine how you managed to stuble upon some of them, but hey, luck and debugging always go together.

      • Heh, I think you’ll like the castles then. They look cool from the air and cool inside and just generally really neat. And thanks – yeah, luck is definitely important. As we near the 0.8 release I might try to recruit a closed set of bug-testers, just since this release is so big and so much might go wrong, and I can only spot so much.

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