Development Plan

This is a list of current development priorities. Although pretty much the entire game is planned out, I try to keep this list to only a few releases ahead instead of the entire thing. I currently aim for three releases a year (one each four months). URR is currently (finally!) transitioning out of worldbuilding and into gameplay. Objectives with a strike-through are completed.


0.8, the largest release ever, summer 2016:

– Early NPC implementation!
– NPC schedules, occupations, movement and pathfinding.
– Important NPCs are abstracted out, tracked, spawn correctly, and perform their schedules correctly.
– Conversations – greetings, rumours, questions, information.
– NPC look-up information, clothing, appearance, etc.
– Face generation for NPCs, 10m+ possibilities.
– Upgraded/optimized timing/scheduling system.
– Improvements to city districts, civilization variation, etc.
– Reworking of civilization policies and stronger integration with cities.
– Castle generation.



– All remaining NPC classes not present in the 0.8 release, such as gladiators, explorers, inquisitors, judges, regents, and so forth, with appropriate dialogue generation.
– Weapon and armour generation for all civilizations.
– Rework flora generation, implement fauna generation.



– Ability to interact with nomadic caravans & mountain passes.
– Ability to use trade lanes to travel across the ocean.
– Implementation of financial city-travel strategy layer.
– Procedural generation of coinage & exchange rates.
– Ability to buy/sell in white markets in cities & towns.
– Generation of black markets in hidden locations.
– Bartering between types of items in black markets.



– Creation of other cultural forms in which the central riddle/puzzle is hidden:
– Statue generation.
– Painting generation.
– Generation of books, tablets, scrolls, and prose and poetry.
– Rework history and integrate with all cultural forms.
– Reworking, improving, and developing of family trees.
– Succession laws, ranks, titles, dynasties, etc.
– Lots of other stuff…


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