Development Plan

This is a list of current development priorities. Although pretty much the entire game is planned out, I try to keep this list to only a few releases ahead instead of the entire thing. I currently aim for three releases a year (one each four months). Starting late 2014, URR will be in full-time development for a year. Objectives with a strike-through are completed.

  0.6, late 2014:

- Generation of all city districts – markets, housing, military, etc.
- Town generation – farms, houses, roads, other buildings.
- Nomadic Fortress generation – walls, buildings (and caravans?)
- Hunter-gatherer Settlement generation.
- Procedural generation of all door/terrain graphics.
- Fix issues re: roads, settlements, coats of arms, etc.
- Farms, slums and graveyards all generate.
- Improved World Gen – swamps, redo polar biome.
- Procedurally generated architectural styles.
Roads & bridges shown on map generate at the human scale.




- Town/village building interior generation.
- Generation of important city buildings interiors.
- Hunter-gatherer house/building interiors.
- Fortress interiors.
- All interior objects generated with procedural graphics.
- Improvement of door/stair mechanics and ladder implementation.
- Key generation & door/key database.
- Optimized loading for interiors & buildings with multiple floors.




- Upgraded/optimized timing/scheduling system.
- Early NPC implementation in villages and city districts.
- NPC schedules, occupations, movement and pathfinding.
- Conversations – greetings, rumours, questions, information.
- NPC look-up information, clothing, appearance, etc.




- Procedural generation of coinage & exchange rates.
- Ability to buy/sell in white markets in cities & towns.
- Generation of black markets in hidden locations.
- Bartering between types of items in black markets.
- Ability to interact with nomadic caravans & mountain passes.
- Ability to use trade lanes to travel across the ocean.
- Implementation of financial city-travel strategy layer.




- Procedural generation of all weapon graphics.
- Procedural generation of all armour graphics.
- All weapor/armour graphics generated along distinct “styles” for every civilization, and variation within that for feudal/nomadic/hunter-gatherer nations.
- Implementation of Dark-Souls-esque combat mechanics.
- Full implementation of health, death, corpses, player death, etc.


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