Latest Version: 0.7.0b, updated (and download counter reset, for some reason) on the 7th of June, 2018.

>> Download version 0.7.0b <<

The game is designed for Windows, but a Linux version is planned in 2016. Mac/Linux users may experience some problems with loading times (though I would appreciate any feedback on your experiences with this if you use a non-Windows system).

Linux users: I recommend trying ausing Wineskin or simply Wine, (possibly with vcrun2008, and copying python*.dll into the windows/systems32 directory), b) PlayOnLinuxor maybe c) crossover 2.6. A Linux version is planned. 

Mac users: I recommend trying a) PlayOnMac (don’t automatically add a link through the install procedure – copy the software manually to the virtual drive and add a link later) or b) Wineskin.

0.7.x New Features:

– Interior generation – All buildings now have procedurally-generated interiors, where every single building has its own algorithms, archetypes, and items on the inside. This means everything, from cathedrals to slums, can now be fully explored, and in many cases span over many floors.
– Feature generation – All features within these buildings are also procedurally generated, from the most lowly of chairs, tables and candlestands to the rarest of altars, reliquaries and sarcophagi. All of each are dependent on the cultural norms for each nation.

Disclaimer: You naturally download this at your own risk; if it blows up your computer, I take no blame whatsoever.

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