Latest Version: 0.5.1, released on the 15th of April, 2014.

>> Download version 0.5.1 <<



The game is designed for Windows. Mac/Linux users may experience some problems with loading times (though I would appreciate any feedback on your experiences with this if you use a non-Windows system).

Linux users: I recommend trying ausing Wineskin or simply Wine, (possibly with vcrun2008, and copying python*.dll into the windows/systems32 directory), b) PlayOnLinuxor maybe c) crossover 2.6. A Linux version is planned. 

Mac users: I recommend trying a) PlayOnMac (don’t automatically add a link through the install procedure – copy the software manually to the virtual drive and add a link later) or b) Wineskin.

0.5.x New Features:

- History generation – wars, rulers, religions, colonies, disasters, etc.
- Enlarged world map and improved data storage.
Religion generation - deities, beliefs, origins, agendas, etc.
- Cities, towns, fortresses and settlements generate on the world map.
- Coats of arms are now procedurally generated for noble families.
- Policiesover 40 government/social choices with gameplay implications.
Roads now generate between feudal civilizations.

Disclaimer: You naturally download this at your own risk; if it blows up your computer, I take no blame whatsoever.

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