First off, thanks for clicking this page, and liking this grand project enough to want to contribute. There are two ways you can do this:

Spread The Word

I am programming URR for my own personal interest, to contribute something to the world of games which has meant so much to me over my life, to move procedural generation into new and uncharted waters, and to hopefully push the boundaries of (independent) games in a slightly more thematically-dense direction and attain the kind of academic/game crossover that Umberto Eco or Thomas Pynchon, for instance, do with academia/literature. I’m not saying I’m there yet! But that’s the goal.

Therefore, rather than donating money, if you want to contribute the best thing you can possibly do is spread the word. Start a thread on your preferred forum, contact a games journalist or website you think might be interested, contact me for an interview if you are a games journalist or a website (or, at least, the human biomass that constitutes that website), tell your friends, tell your local games academic who you think might be interested, follow me on Twitter or Facebook and spread my posts, or anything of that sort.

Donate To My Survival

If you’d rather offer me some currency instead of contributing to my accumulation of social capital (a desire that, as a sociologist, I quite understand), please click the button below. Any bit of support is hugely appreciated, and will get you a mention in the “Acknowledgements” part of the main menu in-game (in a new, snazzy Acknowledgements section I’ll be adding in 0.7). If so inclined, you can donate via Paypal at this button:

If the response is sufficiently positive, I may consider starting a Patreon in the future – please let me know if you’d be interested in supporting something of that sort. Whichever you choose, thanks! Any feedback you have on the site, the game, or anything else, can be sent to my email at mark at this domain.

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86 thoughts on “Support

  1. I would love to donate to your cause, however, in trying to donate it forces me to select a county that isn’t in the U.S., thus, not letting me complete the transaction. If you can think of a solution I would love to help support your endeavor.

  2. I have downloaded the early version of the game and I am already impressed by your amazing artwork. You are amazingly skilled, and I will indeed support you however I can!

  3. This project is seriously impressive! I will make sure to spread it around my friends here in Sweden. Do you have any plans on having a regular update via emails, or a facebook fansite or something like that where I can keep myself updated?

  4. Hi Mark

    I interviewed you at the Norwich Gaming Festival a while back. Was a pleasure to make a small donation to such an impressive project.

    You may be chuffed to know that your talk was the main inspiration for my final major project.

    Took what I learnt at about your work on a long journey; started out making a robot, but ended up with a time machine.

    Of course – it’s only a wooden box made from doors for now, but I have great plans for the future…



    • Thanks Kat! I appreciate it; hope the final interview came out well, and that’s awesome that you got something out of the talk. There’s a really, really good talk from Jonathan Blow (well, everything he says is good) on Youtube, called something like “Attempting Deep Work” – I’d give it a look!

  5. I would love to try this out, but after I tried to extrct the ZIP file (latest version) it said the file was empty. Any help?

    • Well, that’s bizarre. Nobody has ever reported that one. Can you give me some more info – what was the file size? Did you try the rar? What OS and browser are you using? Have you had this problem with any other zips from other websites in the past?

  6. Hi Mark

    I’m a huge fan of what you have created here. procedural generation is definitely the way games should be heading. Once I’m earning I’d love to be a patreon supporter.

    Maybe I’m over reaching here but have you ever thought of approaching Tarn Adams to see if you can collaborate on a new project or possible contribute to each others current projects? I think you two are both on the same road to creating something timeless and it would be great to see what could come out of a collaboration.

    Please tell me your thoughts on this.


    • Hey TJ,

      Thanks for the message and the pre-support! Really appreciate both. Re: Tarn, I don’t think we’d actually be particularly good collaborators (though I certainly hope we’ll meet, maybe at a US IRDC some time?) as we have quite different objectives in many ways (he’s creating a physics simulator with a veneer of culture, I’m creating a culture simulator with a veneer of physics, and he’s creating an open-world thing whilst I’m creating a directed-narrative thing), not to mention I don’t know a bit of C++ (which I seem to recall is the DF language?). For something in the future, I don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility, but for contributing now, I want to keep URR a one-man thing, and I’m confident Tarn and Zach would feel the equivalent about DF. Years from now, though, perhaps things will change…

  7. Greetings, Mark.
    I’m a poor university student but I would totally enjoy investing into the project like this. Too bad I have some issues with the PayPal system(I have to go through some interesting complications but mostly deal with stupid exchange rates) so I will support you as soon as you start the Patreon of your own. Hopefully I will still be around to throw a couple of bills in your face.

    • Well thanks! I can’t guarantee a Patreon will ever appear, but it’s certainly not impossible (though it wouldn’t be before the end of 2015 at the earliest, since I think we need a solid gameplay foundation before I even consider some kind of Patreonic (?) system…)

  8. Hello.

    Will your project be open source? If you afraid that someone could stole your project, you can make it partially open source. While you will be concentrated on core of your game, community will polish front-end of your project.

    • Hey – thanks for the comment. Nope, it will never be open source, and I have no intention of opening up even the smallest part of it, I’m afraid. I might write the open-sourcing into my will, however, but don’t hold your breath!

      • Thanks for resopnse. I understand that you treasure your work and don’t want to spread your hard work in bad uncontrolled way. Maybe you should add modding feature in future. If we look at AAA game like Skyrim, it became very popular because of available mods which enchances or even changes gameplay. There is also Kerbal Space Program game which also has modding community and Developers of this game adds some of mods as official part of this game if it is very popular.

        • Hey – I’m afraid I’m not really planning on adding modding either for various reasons, but mainly 1) every part of the game is very hand-designed and it would take a *major* amount of work to modify it and make it mod-friendly, and 2) anything that should be in the game will be implemented in the game already! I recognize I may be sacrificing some aspects of a player-base with this choice, but it’s still definitely the right choice for me!

  9. Hey Mark!

    It was either you (or someone else somehow associated to the project) that directed me towards it from Reddit a few months back.

    Since finding out about your game, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the .8 update and the massive influx of game play it will bring come August. I’m just leaving this comment as a bit of a thank you for investing so much hardworking ND dedication into a game that truly feels fresh in scope and originality. I have a degree in Social Sciences/Anthropology and am just ecstatic at the opportunity to explore a world that is rooted in the cultural phenomena that make up a society. In games like Dwarf Fortress I always appreciated the rich histories developed in the game world, and can’t wait to play a game where the goal is to fully immersed oneself in understanding the world they’ve been generated in. The potential of all this seems fairly limitless and I feel like I’m going to spend entirely to much time milling about slums observing poor folk, or hiding in religious institutions eavesdropping on clerics. Mapping out the social hierarchy and daily lives of entire culture groups is a daunting task, and I can’t wait to see the worlds you’ve made for us to enjoy.

    Really hoping for a bit of a participant observation type experience here. Hoping to watch some nomads hunt or stumble in on some strange religious ceremonies and such.

    Again, thank you. Seems like you’re taking rogue likes to a new sphere of game play with this one!

    • Hey Zach,

      Thanks for the awesome message! I’m so glad you’re excited about it – only a month remains!!! Aaaaah. I’m crunching like crazy on it at the moment, I just need psychologically to get it out and done and start working on 0.9 (or, realistically, 0.8.1 when I’m sure someone finds a few bugs). I’m very pleased you’re keen on the whole cultural-exploration thing – I really think it’s something nicely different and will yield such a weird and interesting kind of gameplay! Participant-observation-esque experience: yeah, I think something like that will be possible. Especially for things like ceremonies, events, things like matches in gladiatorial arenas, etc etc, which will be scheduled at a particular time each week/month/whatever/one-off and you can visit or not-visit as you see fit.

      Anyway, I appreciate it! Do let me know what you think of 0.8 once I finally get it released!

  10. “…deep, complex and challenging gameplay one expects from a “classic” roguelike (and, of course, an ANSI display and permadeath)…”

    It’s extremely hard to achieve something like this without contact with players. It can be done, after all a broken clock shows correct hour twice a day. You have no forum and looking through your “Creator” page and I get an impression you wouldn’t read it: monographs, papers, radio, BBC talks, that’s all one way communication in institutional style. Open source is a way of communication too, also absent, and that’s odd considering Python is your language of choice. Going through your twitter, you don’t respond to anyone.

    Yes, it’s an ambitious project trying to go into some uncharted land, and simulation not unlike Dwarf Fortress, but it’s also supposed to be a game, and that conflicts with your ivory tower approach. All your blog posts so far look like some research work, no talk about how it could possibly play, will there even be combat… What, if any, sacrifices are you going to take in the simulation area to make it play better.

    “Any feedback you have on the site, the game, or anything else, can be sent to my email at mark at this domain.”

    For your information, the link doesn’t work. It starts a template with empty recipient field.

    • Without contact with players? Have I missed something? This blog has had something 2000 comments lifetime and I’ve replied to every single one, ditto every tweet I’ve *ever* been sent and email sent to my inbox. I respond to everyone! I have the exact opposite of an ivory tower approach, which is precisely why I try to disseminate my work so widely… :S

      What link? Mark at my domain? That is indeed just to minimize spam – obviously it needs to be converted into an email address – as I try to almost never put up my email address, though inevitably it has turned up in a few other places.

  11. I really hope that URR lives at least to version 2.0 (sic!). For me, it is a kind of modern Garriott’ish Ultima taken to „where no man has been before” 😉
    …can’t wait to play 0.8… and 0.9… and…
    Keep up the magnificient work!

    Can’t agree with the last comment… this „ivory tower” approach is useful if you want to ensure that your software becomes exactly what you intend it to be –– unspoiled by co-authors which tend to go into completely different directions, as a lot of projects have suffered, many of them being unfinished or something completely different from their beginnings. Comments by and contact with players only add the spice to it, and give an impression of what players (don’t) want. OpenSourcing things can be a) considered as soon as „the software” is de facto finished in the sense that it is what its author wants it to be –– or b) not at all. But I admit, I’d like to browse the code of URR… 🙂

    • Wow, thanks! So glad you like it. I’m not sure what numbering the final version will have, but we’re around 50% through right now…

      That is also an interesting point. It can be extremely tricky bringing co-authors onto any project (I speak from extensive dispiriting past experience) and I definitely find that bringing in player suggestions is the best middle-ground!

      • 50% is quite a lot, considering you did all by yourself and made it as stable as it is. A little bit of encouraging admiration from my side, whatever it helps… 😉

        URR wrote:
        …(I speak from extensive dispiriting past experience) …

        exactly my point 🙂

        URR wrote:
        …bringing in player suggestions is the best middle-ground

        …and gives some really good ideas and/or inspirations sometimes. That’s one of the reasons why I look forward to the next handful (or all, to be honest) of URR releases.

  12. Will the player be able to join all the various organizations in the game such as militaries, religions, cults, mercenary guilds arenas etc., and participate in their activities?

  13. I would like to donate using a visa card but when I get to the county selection it will only allow me to choose counties in the UK but I’m from the US and that part is required to donate. What should I do?

  14. This looks like an excellent game with great potential! Its possible that you’re game will be even better than Dwarf Fortress!! I really do enjoy a good book about Umberto Eco.

    I am a business man in New Hampshire. I will see about getting you some much needed funding. PLUS I intend to spread the word about your excellent game! I am writing articles on Independent software development on my website and on Free Republic among other places. I will include your game.

    I also will try and reach Umberto Eco and tell him about your ambitious project. He may stop by to help you and fund you I hope.

    Well done sir! Keep up the good work!

    • Hey there! Thanks for the kind words, I’m so glad you’re excited about the same. As for funding, I appreciate the offer, but I’m not looking at all; I have full-time employment which I don’t plan to leave or change career from, and game development is always going to be in my spare time. Thanks so much for spreading the word though!

    • Doesn’t it? They work for me, but they might have been down as I’ve been having some major site problems today. No Patreon because it would add a lot of tax complexity, I don’t really want to spend time handling it at this moment in my life, and – right now – I’m on a few weeks break from coding, so this definitely isn’t the right time! I’m sure I will add one at some point, though 🙂

  15. Greetings Mark, Well i’m newbie to Oldschool Roguelikes i got knowledge about them in january of this year with an angband variant called Steamband and i’ve loved this genre but, since i discovered URR my interest on your game has increased so much i’m very excited to the game final release because there arent many games who mix some of my favorite genres(Fire & Sword/pre-industrial era, open world, survival and some others), well i’m not with some sugestions on mind but i think the game will be a mix of Mount & blade with Procedural generated world, weapons, armors and NPC’s, and some wilderness survival games because i think URR will have a bit of survival after 0.9 because put weapons and fauna on the game it’s obivious you can hunt or live on wilderness like UNrealworld. This game has a great potential i’m waiting for future updates patiently Mark. ^^(sorry for the english errors i’m brazilian)

    • Hey! Thanks for the message, and so glad you’re excited about the game. I’m actually not going for the wilderness-hunting angle, but hopefully you’ll find something you like :). 0.8 should be out before too long, hopefully!

  16. Downloading is broken! It crashes in the random place, and makes an broken archive. I tried six times and it downloads maximum 1.6 Mb.

  17. Greetings Again Mark, well i stay a short period w/out internet and i use this time to explore the game and i found many interesting histories and conflicts and a little issue that is about game dates but i might report it to you: Some times in Conflicts History Riflemans are cited in a date wich gunpownder hasnt been discovered and a not very rare about graves(i travel 2 entire worlds reading maybe every grave that i could found on cities and towns) reporting Died in Battle into a year that wasnt conflict going with that nation or every nation in world. Well im back with internet and i read some old and newer posts here and i have a sugestion of feature that you maybe will put in game: In Update 0.9 you tell about put Gladiatorial NPCs and as i think you may Put some Tournaments(like Mount & Blade again XD) however you said the game focus isnt combat but gladiatorial tournaments maybe will be a thing that player can participate once in the game they are present, it will be a good thing for a huge open world game and talking about things to do in open world games what do you think about Mafia 3 open world features?

    • Hey Gustavus! Thanks for spotting that; redoing history is one of the main objectives for 2017 and linking history more closely to the rest of the game, so I’ll make sure to fix that in the process. Those kinds of tournaments I would like to include, but it’s not an instant priority; as long as I can get those NPCs present in the game, I’ll work on combat and whatnot a little later. I’m not sure what kind of thing you mean about Mafia 3 since I haven’t played it! What specifically are you thinking?

      • Well, Mafia 3 world is very empty and it leaves you with a big map to walk arround and simple do nothing after finish the “campaing”, rather than other games in the market with many features to do and things discover every day, it should maybe require a deep review to understand this problem but the fact of Mafia 3 open world is very poor, the history uses the open world but not very well, the mechanics is good but the open world usage is a quite limited and this killed the game open world… i thought this will maybe get your interest because you are making a game with open world focus, if you can see any review or play it by yourself(not recomendable) you can see the good and bad points of the game open world features, hope i help you in something.^^

        • Ah, interesting! Hopefully that’ll be a long way away from the open world I make, as that’s a large part of why so much effort has gone into the cultures/religions/etc – to make sure it all stays INTERESTING, and there’s always something new (and useful…) to see!

  18. I get “This app cant run on your PC”. I’m running Win 8.1 and pretty much everything else works on it, so…? I do have Python 2 and 3 here because I’m an amature programmer, could I just run it in Python somehow?
    Help! I’m very excited about this. This is the kind of game I would make. WILL MAKE!
    I think…still haven’t played it. Help!

  19. Just a quick question: you postponed the release of 0.8 to „early 2017” which is about gone now… any vague hint when it might actually be ready for d/l? (don’t mean to put any pressure, just asking)

    Be well & keep up the grand work on URR!

  20. Really keen on this game! but I can’t play it as I don’t have arrow keys >.> I could really use vi keys or some other layout.

    • Thanks! You can activate a “numpad toggle” by doing Ctrl+N, I believe, or Shift+N (it has been a while since I implemented it and I don’t recall which!), which basically lets the left half of your keyboard function like a numpad. Of course, if you have a numpad you can use that…

  21. I hope you finish. My son is a big fan of Dwarf Fortress as am I. My wife and I try to pull him away for dinner and other activities and my wife does the same for me sometiimes.

    I’d imagine he’d have a ball with this. I reall love how you create an entire nation’s culture religion faith, politics etc. A friend of mine is planning on using that to write a story

    • Not in the slightest; but the last six months have led to me experiencing pretty much total burnout, and now I’m finally recovering and back programming, I’m focusing on the game above everything else. I still 100% want to do a Linux version, though.

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