Just a short one this week, to say: my apologies for the silence over the last month. A combination of an unexpectedly high workload (five different paper revisions to complete in a short time-span), along with caring for an extremely ill relative, and preparing to move 4200 miles across the globe in around three weeks, has been quite challenging. I also managed to send myself on a trip to the Accident and Emergency part of my local hospital, which was all totally excellent, but has put me in bed recovering for quite a few days. And, to top it all off, a side-effect of the far more serious illness I got several years ago has just manifested; it’s not life-threatening, but it’s intensely dispiriting and depressing. I’m still alive (barely) but just absolutely swamped under everything right now; the injury and the new medical issue are both just extra things I could really, really, do without. I thought the past couple of months would be the proper restart on URR’s development, but apparently that isn’t going to happen just yet.

Nevertheless, I’ll be back to 0.8 as soon as possible. Things have to stabilise sooner or later… right?

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36 thoughts on “Interlude

    • Thanks crowbar; the move was not all that smooth (I had to delay the flight because of medical issues) but I’ve now made it to Canada, and settled into my new flat, and my mood/state are both improving a little.

  1. Yikes, scary stuff. My fiance was in the hospital last week so i can empathize. Take some time to recover and don’t worry about fans hounding you for updates 😉

  2. …that was an external pull of the brake, I’d say (referring to an earlier post of mine)… At least, you’ve got some time to review and correct potential misprints in your book now 😉
    Get well soon and find yourself a nice warm place beneath a palm tree somewhere to recover ;-))

      • grin… intense daydreaming of a caribic beach, sweet company and no tourists while cradling up in a warm blanket and with a favourite drink and movie is almost as well as the real thing 😉

        Glad to hear you’re better, and make sure to take more time for yourself –– wouldn’t want you to be unwell again.
        Regards and best wishes!

  3. I hope you recover soon. Focusing on your health and well-being seems like a waste of time, but it improves the quality of your work rhythm in the long run.

    Best wishes!

      • That one is coming along slower than my physical, if anything. Just the commonalities between this, and the originating illness, have really knocked me off my stride :/. Urgh. Slowly recovering, though, but as I say, the mental is taking longer than the physical…

        • …I can relate, have some issues with a chronic illness and permanent incapacitation myself. That’s where you start thinking who you really are, what you have achieved, what you can and cannot achieve, feeling lost, and such stuff… just let thinking happen and have anchors ready not to drown in a bad mood. Once, it took me several years to recover and find back to myself, wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone. Be sure to take all the off-time you need.

  4. Oh man, sorry to read that, I hope you get better soon.
    I pray the gods of Roguelikes for you but seriously don’t overdo, even for the sake of URR, think of yourself first.

  5. Yeah, I hear you on the health stuff, not fun. Get well soon, and take care of yourself. URR can wait until you are well.

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